Tai Chi Chuan classes by Michael Chow
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Start the New Year right with a session of beginner Tai Chi!  Starts  July 24, 2019. Call 225-247-6892 to register! 2015 in Baton Rouge

Did you know that a 20 minute session of T'ai Chi Chuan can lower blood pressure, decrease stress, improve flexibility, improve balance and flexibility, alleviate neuropathy, build muscle, improve sleep problems, increase oxygen intake, improve posture, and slow the effects of aging?  The ancient art of Tai Chi has been practiced in China for centuries.  Practiced as a graceful form of exercise, Tai Chi has developed quite a fan base in in the western hemisphere, and especially Baton Rouge where people looking to improve their health and reduce stress in a low impact way have embraced Tai Chi.  Because Tai Chi tends to be low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, it is generally safe for all ages and fitness levels.

T'ai Chi Chuan has been called a moving meditation....a slow dance of concentration and relaxation.  With moves that are slow, it's the perfect exercise for anyone.....even if you hate exercise, T'ai Chi Chuan is a fun way to burn calories, reduce stress, and increase range of motion.

Make it a group thing

Whether you come alone or with a friend, you'll soon feel part of the T'ai Chi Chuan family.  In T'ai Chi Chuan, we don't have belts or egos....join us to have fun, feel better and let the stress melt away.    Tai Chi can reduce pain, sharpen the mind and get anyone in better shape!  2.3 million adults used Tai Chi in the past months in the United States.  Tai Chi can improve your quality of sleep, enhance the immune system and reduce joint pain.  Feel better today with Tai Chi.  You'll be glad you did!
Call 225 247 6892 to register! Gift certificates available for Christmas.  Visit our class or call 225 247 6892.  Give a gift that gives your friends a chance at better health!  Teaching Tai Chi Chuan classes continuously for 25+ years in Baton Rouge.  From novice to pro, we can teach you.

Michael Chow has taught T'ai Chi Chuan in Baton Rouge for over 25 years. His unique style of teaching makes learning fun for his many students.  Students from all walks of life have enjoyed the many benefits of practicing T'ai Chi Chuan with Michael Chow as their instructor.  From the novice practitioner to the seasoned T'ai Chi student, everyone enjoys learning from Michael Chow.

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